custom cover designs

Simply put, people do judge books by their covers. Because your book's appearance is often the "teaser" that turns casual browsers into dedicaed readers, it's important to invest in a great cover!


To help us create your eye-cathing custom cover, please submit as much of the following information as possible:

1. Book title.

2. Author/pen name and tagline (if applicable).

3. Brief description of the book and/or back cover copy.

4. Book genre and major themes.

5. Desired color scheme and fonts.

6. Description of important elements that you want on the cover, such as characters, cityscapes, and symbols. Please provide as much detail possible.

7. Your book's physical properities, including trim size, paper color, and page count.

8. Examples of covers you like. You can attach images to your email or simply provide a list of book titles and their respective authors.


For more information about custom cover design service, please email