service tiers & pricing

For your convenience, Freedom Line offers four levels of editing services. Most of our editing rates are page-based as opposed to hourly-or project-based. One page is the equivalent of 250 words. You can typically determine your exact page count, regardless of font style or type, by simply dividing your total word count by 250.


There is a minimum charge of $50 per project. Most projects have a turnaround time of six to 12 buisness days. We offer rush services for an additional fee of $25 per 100 pages. Manuscriptcs may be submitted electronically in Word format or mailed as hardcopies to the following address:


Freedom Line Publishing

P.O. Box 721718

Orlando, FL 32872


Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your hardcopy submission, as return shipping costs are the responsibility of the author.


Clients with polished manuscripts in need of minor corrections can benefit from our express proofreading service. It is particularly intended for manuscripts in the final-stage draft that have already been reviewed by another editor or proofreader. If you are looking for a last read-through by an editing professional before you print, publish, or distribute your work, this is the service for you. 


Hardcopy rate: $2.50 per page 

Electronic copy rate: $2.25 per page



Intended for clients whose manuscripts require more thorough editing than is provided by our express service, basic editing covers lapses in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. If your manuscript is structurally sound and factually 

accurate, but still needs polishing, this is the service for you. 


Hardcopy rate: $3.25 per page 

Electronic copy rate: $3.00 per page 




Our most requested editing service, this comprehensive package includes proofing of basic errors such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar as well as revisions centered on the four C’s: construct, content, continuity, and clarity. As part of our line-by-line review of your manuscript, we address everything from word choice to believability, and we use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature to provide feedback, suggestions, and questions in the margin of your document. 


Hardcopy rate: $4.50 

Electronic copy rate: $4.25 



Does your manuscript need a complete overhaul? Our extensive package may be just what you need. If your text requires more rewriting than it does proofreading and editing, this is the service for you. 


For a price quote, please contact us at: